You may of heard of Mesotherapy Facial which uses injections to deliver to active skincare products to the deeper layers of the skin. No Needle Mesotherapy acts in the same way of delivering products into the skin but rather than using injections a mechanical device is used to effectively push the products in. In my NNM facial I use a process called Iontophoresis from my Galvanic machine, it is the reverse +/positive polarity of my Galvanic machine that makes this process possible. There are other types of NNM machines such as Ultra Sound and High Frequency but the main process I use is Iontophoresis as I’ve found Ultra Sound works better on dissolving fat and High Frequency works better on tackling imperfections such as acne (more on those in later posts.)

So what is Iontophoresis? A hydrating and moisturising treatment whereby active, water-soluble substances are repelled/pushed into the deeper layers of the skin skin using an electrical galvanic current set on Positive + to actively make a difference at a cellular level and provide nourishment of the skin. The treatment is intensive in effect and results are better and last longer than manual methods. Treatment time is relatively short (approximately six minutes for the whole face and neck). When treating sensitive skin, less time may be required and the machines should be set at the lowest possible intensity and clients can expect to feel a mild prickly sensation nothing that isn’t too uncomfortable.

This helps to:-
~ Stimulate cell metabolism.
~ Improve localised blood circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
~ Soothe sensory nerves.
~ Restore the acid mantle that has been broken down by Desincrustation (more in another post).

This treatment leaves the skin feeling soft and supple and benefits all skin types using a wide range of active and water soluble ampoules and gels. An ampoule is a glass vial containing an electronically charged substance that should be opened immediately before application. The treatment is carried out following thorough cleansing and massage (if required) of the skin. Massaging the skin with cream can help to complement the active substances used for iontophoresis as this relaxing the pores and prepares the skin to receive products. To enable the treatment to work efficiently, creams applied to the face must be water-soluble or an oily film will be left on the skin, preventing the penetration of the active substances.

Contraindications for this treatment are:
bacterial infections (impetigo, conjunctivitis and boils)
viral infections (herpes simplex and warts)
fungal infections (ringworm)
scabies and pediculosis
systemic medical conditions
severe skin conditions (inflamed psoriasis, eczema)
eye infections
heart disease
excessive dental fillings
chemotherapy or radiotherapy
medication causing the inflammation or thinning of the skin, ie. steroids, Accutane or retinols
recent chemical peels