Herbal Medicine

Compliment your treatment with a range of my specialist herbal concoctions available before and after your treatment, taking care of the inside as well as the outside. 

When you arrive please do help yourself to a “brew of the day,” from my brew bar an infusion of herbs that coincide with seasonal changes & specific ailments of the body to aide in flushing out the toxins and provide nourishment.  

Why is it so important?

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been interested in plants, this led me to study Landscape Architecture which enabled me to learn how to design with them, and incorporate the fundamental philosophy of Botany into my designs. I knew that aesthetically it was pleasing to have a surrounding that used plants to create a harmonious link between man and nature and establish that relationship of being outdoors. But as ever curious as I am I wanted delve into the effects of ingestion of plants most specifically herbal medicine. 

Leading on from my LA education I designed numerous herbal/scented gardens, which when brushed passed the mint you get that zingy refreshing smell straight up your nose, touch the lavender and just feel the warm it exuberates, all these factors play a role in the effect on the internal organs in the human body, so what about ingestion and how can this benefit us?

My next phase of learning sees me understanding the ingestion of herbal remedies to be able to bring to you the ultimate health and well-being studio. I am able to provide guidance on internal remedies to help the human body fight infection and disease. Herbs not only fight the bacteria but they also can help cure the cause of infection in the first place, they are a safe, natural and proven alternative to bio-medicine that bode well when patients are receiving treatment using conventional medicine. 

Brews for ailments

Below you’ll find my 5 top go to special brews for tackling specific ailments and helping the body fight and take back control. There are numerous books out there that promote herbal tea ingredients which I highly recommend the ingredients are easy to come by nowadays, I do use tinctures in my concoctions which again can drastically improve the taste of teas but becareful as some contain alcohol so best to evaporate the alcohol off by leaving the tinctures brewing in boiled water for minimum 10 minutes.

1. Pain – Golden Milk or Turmeric Tea with 5ml of Devils Claw tincture. Always froth the Almond Milk prior for Golden Milk. 

2. Stress & Anxiety – Most teas but Lavender, Rose or Chamomile work best & promote relaxation.

3. Stomach Discomfort – Ages old but Peppermint or Spearmint Teas.

4. Painful Periods – Ginger, Chamomile, Juniper & Lady’s Mantle an infusion tea that promotes circulation and ease muscle cramps.

5. Matcha Latte – Strained & steeped for a minimum of 5 mins Frothy Almond Milk and sweetened with Honey.

My Apothecary

Restoring mind, body and soul both inside and outside.

I offer a £30 60 minute consultation, we will sit down chat about your health needs and concerns, you will be required to fill out an in-depth medical questionnaire, then we will be devising a treatment plan suggesting a treatment in the form of Reiki, Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology and/or Crystal Healing that will tackle the outer body and suggested herbs for you to purchase from well known health shops that will benefit and promote healing from with in, with advice on how to make these specific remedies. The treatment plan is a 12 week programme and it is recommended that you follow this to gain the maximum results at fighting your health issues. Once the session is over I will type up your case notes and email them to you with a list of ingredients, recipes, diary of treatments for you follow over the 12 weeks, then we will review at 6 weeks how you are getting on, and finally after the 12 weeks to see the improvements and go from there.