Here at Eden’s Beauty Sanctuary I operate numerous strict rules, these are in place to protect both you as my client and me as your therapist, in operating such polices these help me to achieve professionalism throughout my service to you and give you the expectation you require and above all have paid for. This is why I would like for you to read through these and familiarise yourself with them and comply when asked for certain information so that I can provide you with the best service expectations. 

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding.

It’s advised by the medical industry that if you are pregnant you must wait until after 20 weeks for any treatments, by then the fetus is on it’s way to growing fully and the risk of injury or any other extremely serious conditions are reduce. Prior to 20 weeks the body doesn’t recognise the fetus growing and when receiving any treatments can cause the body to go into detox mode and flush the cells out along with the fetus leading to miscarry. Under no circumstances are pregnant or breastfeeding ladies allowed near essential oils as again these have a detrimental effects on the body and can risk harm or injury to the fetus. However once labour commences use of Clary Sage will massively help with contractions. Essential Oils that are safe to use in low dosages would be Lavender and Ylang Ylang to aide in relaxation but again only use essential oils if you are qualified and confident to do so. Unfortunately if you are breastfeeding and/or pregnant you can’t receive eyebrow tints but I do have an excellent brow makeup product that when brushed through the brow gives the same effect as a tint and is smudge and water resistant meaning it’ll last all day until you remove with an oil based makeup remover.     


Please leave at least 3/4 weeks hair growth after shaving (hair should be longer than a grain of rice) for optimum removal. Once you start on your waxing journey it is wise to keep up with it, as this will help to diminish hair growth over time and will become less painful. Certain medications affect the skin thus making waxing impossible, please check with your doctor/pharmacist if your medication could affect beauty treatments to avoid a wasted trip. Hair grows in 3 stages Anagen, Catagen & Telogen (the shedding) so if you have shaved you may experience prickles where the hair has been cut down, please come back in 2 weeks for a waxing treatment to get those hairs. Exfoliating helps to rid in-grown hairs and use of special lotions/exfoliator mitt will help to keep them at bay, stay clear of thick body butters straight after as these will clog the pores and cause in-grown hairs. Do not use heat treatments, sunbathe, saunas, swimming anything than can raise the body temperature and cause sweating/irritation, have sexual intercourse & use perfumed body lotions or deodorants as all these will contribute to the skin becoming red, inflamed and irritated for at least 24 hours after your waxing treatment.

Patch/Skin Test.

A patch/skin test is required and compulsory before treatments of Advanced Facials, Semi-Permanent Makeup, HD Brows, Brow Tint & Tidy, Please allow 48 hours after test to ensure suitability for treatment. Under no circumstances will I tint the brows or lashes of minors under the age of 16 it is against the law to do so.

Online Booking

We’ve teamed up with Fresha to bring you the best possible booking experience, all you have to do is create yourself a profile at the start, save all your details as necessary including card payments and hit book a treatment. It’s that simple, future bookings made easier just by logging in. In doing so you also agree to my cancellation and no show policies as outline below. Not only does this save you time after your treatment has finished but you can block book and pay in one go. This is the only method of how we take bookings, if you don’t have facilities to make online bookings then you can call to arrange this, however you will need to pre-pay for your treatment in full prior booking in order to secure your time slot. 

Booking & Cancellation Fees.

To secure your appointment we require a non-refundable booking fee of 50% of your total treatment cost up front. You can pay via the Fresha App, bank transfer or Sum Up card payment. It is in your best interest to arrange this as your appointment is NOT confirmed until we receive your booking fee. The remaining outstanding balance is due upon completion of the treatment, unless pre-paid in full.

Cancellation Policy: A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Booking fee is non-refundable but can be transferred to your next appointment if you need to reschedule outside of the 48 hour window. Non cancelled or last minute cancelled appointments inside of 48 hours, will be charged 100% in full. You enter this agreement and comply with all polices and charges when you sign up and book a treatment via my website booking system.

I reserve the right to cancel appointments at anytime without prior notice, in which case fees that have been paid will be returned unless rescheduled.

Consecutive cancellations and ‘no shows’ will not be re-booked and will be charged 100% of booking fee. It is in my best interest to provide the best experience and treatment service to you as my loyal customers so when faced with last minute cancellations it is often hard to offer the time slot out and it wastes my time.

No Children.

I have children myself and I understand it can be difficult to obtain childcare however Eden’s Beauty Sanctuary is no place for children, my insurance only covers I the therapist, you the client and professional equipment no third parties can be present during treatment and I do not wish to have by standers in my treatment room. Simply put I, as your therapist need the time to concentrate and you as my client will need the time to unwind, relax and thoroughly enjoy your treatment without feeling rushed or on edge. From a health and safety point of view, I have equipment where I don’t want little hands to mess potentially causing injury to themselves and breakages within my work place. However minors (under 16’s) receiving treatments must have a parent/guardian present and consent form sign.

Loyalty Card Scheme.

As a reward for my most loyal and regular clients I offer a loyalty card scheme by why you’ll receive a card with 6 spaces to collect stamps at each and every one of your future bookings. Collect all 6 stamps and the 6th treatment will be discounted by 50% (half price) up to the value of £50.

Medical Questionnaire.

Please fill out a medical questionnaire when emailed or given to you. This will enable me to assess with professionalism, your suitability to the treatment you have booked with me. I would appreciate if you would return these to me asap before your booking so the assessment can be done in quick time.

Consultation Sheets.

Consultations are FREE and required for new and existing customers before treatment commences.

A consultation sheet will be given to you upon each new treatment when booked with me, we will both take the time to run through this sheet appropriately to determine what has changed, if any, or what factors we can change since your last treatment. Therefore I ask you arrive 10 minutes early if possible to fill one out.