100% Natural & Organic Products

All my treatments use organic natural ingredients that are scientifically tried and tested. Not only are they better for you because they contain the highest levels of beneficial flavanoids, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.They’re also free from contamination by toxic pesticides and chemical fertilisers, meaning they aren’t absorbed into the skin and thus causing more potential cell damage.

Facial Treatments

Using only the finest tailor made ingredients my Holistic Facials contain organic produce which mean they have the best skin absorbency and penetration levels that actually make a lasting result. Distilled from plants, herbs and mother nature they contain the highest quality essential oils that work at a cellular level and provide nourishment for the skin. Following on from my Holistic Facials, Advanced Facials use only the best prescribed products that are scientifically proven to give vast improvements and results.

Hand & Foot Treatments

I’ve been an avid fan of Leighton Denny and his products ever since I first discovered and personally used them since 2007, his ethos is “skin care for nails” so having pretty much the same thinking about nourishment for the whole body it makes sense to use Leighton Denny products in my manicure and pedicure treatments. They are ’11 free’ meaning allergy causing ingredients aren’t used in LD products and should be suitable for everyone, they contain numerous beneficial essential oils too.

Body Treatments

As is for my facials, all my body products are organic and natural they contain the highest, ethically sourced and natural ingredients such as Frankincense, Green Tea, Caffeine and Turmeric (to name a few) all of which have added benefits and are clinically proven to give results. They also contain aromatherapy essential oils which not only work on the ole factory region (smell) are highly absorbed into the body and dispersed around via the blood system to give therapeutic effects easing the body of stress and anxiety.