The reason I state knowing your skin when searching for the right SPMU treatment is because of this… Not all skins take well to it and certain techniques don’t suit all.


I had 6 SPMU treatments done over the years (8 to be exact) I won’t bore you with the details but safe to say they didn’t last and now my brows are a funky shade of pink. However one thing was clear I didn’t have a skin consultation by the artist who just zapped in my brows, major flaw in my book.


You’ll know in my previous post I’m Oily so the choice is limited on what type of SPMU I can have, the reason is my skin produces too much sebum which will force the pigments out of my skin so Hair Strokes are a no no for me as they’ll ‘bleed out’ of its original shape. Ombre brows would look amazing on my face but again the lighter shaded part will fade leaving me with darker middles and tails and my brows will just look a total mess.


The last option for me would be full Powder Brows, but again this is a maintenance treatment and so once you undertake your SPMU journey be sure to follow it up every 12/18 months to keep them looking fresh, crisp and most of all on fleek. Above all though, ask the right questions and research the hell out of your chosen treatment, don’t be afraid to ask to see healed work also.


This has lead me to discover Cosmedic Supplies; CS set up by Georgie, offers a range of semi permanent treatments and injectables best of all its a one stop shop for all your equipment too, and training. I’m seeing great results with her Ombre Powder Brows and what’s more is a service on offer that can correct previous work, I think I might just book myself in and have the brows I’ve always dreamed of!


As those close to me know my passion for all skin related treatments and how I’m always looking for my next course to attend, I completed my Micro-Needling course back in February I’m on the lookout for a machine that does it all from M-N to SPMU so I can practice on my fake skins and get ahead on my training, with that in mind I can safely say that when the finances prevail I’ll certainly be giving Cosmedic Supplies a call if not for the training then definitely for the Pro Pad.


I’ve been looking for a machine that can do it all from micro-needling to SPMU and the Pro Pad does deliver both these functions, saving space, time and most of all money it’s on the market for under a grand easily attainable. It’s super sleek design and boasts a touch screen display, can be easily transported and cleaned, with functions that offer a wide array of treatments it packs a punch this piece of equipment. As well as SPMU CS also offers injectables – more on that in another post as I feel us non medics are getting an unfair rap in the industry for offering injectables.


GgBrows is the UK’s leading artist in Semi Permanent Makeup who specialises in the Ombre Brow technique. Georgie formed GgBrows in October 2016 and the brand has quickly gained momentum and a following due to the standards Georgie sets. Our SPMU training academy is the pride of GgBrows, Georgie has made it her mission to raise the standards of training in the UK in Semi Permanent Makeup. We offer a bespoke 1-2 training which includes a kit worth of around £2000. Based in Surrey/Kent boarder, with a direct line from London Bridge & Victoria. Also we are 20 minutes away from Gatwick Sussex”


Check out their websites for more information and the equipment and treatments on offer you won’t be disappointed, I certainly am not: