So… I’ve been somewhat quiet on my blogging lately, for that I apologise. However I’ve had a light bulb moment in the form of where and how I see my business evolving, as you know when owning a business the key is to look 12 months 3 years 5 years and so on, ahead into the future, partly because you don’t want to plateau and get bored and secondly it keeps your business fresh and interesting so with that in mind I’d like to share my business idea for the next 5 years.

You may have noticed that I’d added a section of ‘Herbal Medicine’ on my website, this is my idea I’m currently looking into training to become a Herbal Medicine Practitioner which will combine my love of plants and nature with my therapies. I’ll still provide treatments on skincare because that is my passion but I want to open an Apothecary style shop where you can come and purchase herbal remedies, have treatments with those herbal remedies. A wellness studio if you will that will take care of your innards as well as your outers, I see it now in my minds eye everything from the layout, decor, positioning of stock, therapy rooms and so on… I’m keeping this back though as a surprise!

Those of you who know me well know I studied Landscape Architecture at university this combined my interest in architecture as well as the botanical side. I learnt all there is to know in how to create an aesthetic space linking both man and plants in a harmonious relationship. I designed numerous scented gardens during my stint as a LA something that had massive curb appeal to me for it was the herbs that I knew contained medicinal and healing properties.

My next phase of learning will see me enrolling onto a Herbal Medicine course to be able to bring to you the ultimate wellness studio where by you’ll receive complimentary therapies, medicinal herbal remedies, aesthetic treatments, yoga to provide a holistic overhaul to your body doing it the natural way and as nature has intended.

From a young age I’ve been ‘into’ crystals, essential oils, incense, herbs anything Witchy that pays homage to Paganism, it’s only in the past 5 years I’ve fully embraced my nature side and let go to fully commit to the Paganism side of life that works with nature and as nature has intended for us to live since the dawn of man began. My studies have led me to pursue a more holistic role along my business venture which combines the skincare and skin enhancement element but now I’m so in-tune into the spiritual aspects that this just feels so right.

The spirit guides are calling me along a path in which I’m so excited about I’m bursting at the seems with joy, love and abundance! This is my true calling in life and finally I’m able to say I have direction and purpose to look after the well-being of others, so I do hope you all support me in helping yourself feel better. Namaste x